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Bulletin for Sunday 26 January 2020

Today is the Third Sunday of Ordinary Time,Year A

(Prayers & Readings page 127)

"They left their Nets and Followed Him"

Prayer for Unity: Forgiving God, set us free from the painful memories of the past, that wound our shared Christian Life. Lead us to reconciliation so that, through the Holy Spirit we may overcome hatred with love, anger with gentleness, and suspicion with trust.

God giver of life, we thank you for the gift of your compassionate love which soothes and strengthens us. We pray that our churches may be always open to receive your gifts from one another. Grant a spirit of generosity to all as we journey together in the path of Christian Unity. We ask this in the name of your Son who reigns with you and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

David Birchall, SJ

(Director of the Ignatian Spirituality Centre in Glasgow)

"LGBTQ+ and Catholic Tradition"
Thursday 6th February, 7.30pm 

Jakub Kolek: Donations to the Jakub Fund last week came to £705. Your support is much appreciated. Post-Christmas bank balances can be very low so please continue with this generosity in the hope that we will meet our target to assist with his medical expenses.

Concerts in the Cathedral – 6th/7th March: Two fantastic shows at St Mary’s Cathedral, Edinburgh. Proceeds in aid of the Cathedral. Tickets cost £25 per person, per event, available from Eventbrite.

Friday 6 March: Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham

Go to Eventbrite for this event

Saturday 7 March: Barbara Dickson

Go to Eventbrite for this event

Twitter: Our Archdiocese now has a separate Twitter account. Follow it at the address @archedinburgh.

Modern Slavery event: - 5th February: An Anti-Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Training event takes place at the Gillis Centre, 100 Strathearn Road, Edinburgh, on Wednesday 5th February, 7.00-9.00pm. It features Alister Bull from the Global Anti-trafficking charity Hope for Justice. The evening will help participants identify signs of trafficking and exploitation and respond appropriately to help victims. Exploitation is happening in the Archdiocese and across Scotland and this is an excellent event to help people take practical steps to tackle it. Register for free on Eventbrite, the Archdiocesan Facebook, or by calling 0131 623 8900.

Day for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: - 8th February: A day for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion takes place on Saturday 8th February, 11am-2:30pm at the Gillis Centre, 100 Strathearn Road, Edinburgh. Father Jeremy Milne will be the main speaker and there will be a practical reflection followed by a Q&A session. Register on Eventbrite or on the Archdiocesan Facebook page. Alternatively, call 0131 623 8900.

Married Couples Retreat: - 15th February: "Together before the Lord - A Valentine's Day idea for married couples that goes beyond the usual dinner and movie". This takes place on Saturday 15th February 2020. The Marriage & Family Commission have invited Fr Bart Parys SVD to Edinburgh to lead an afternoon of prayer and reflection for married couples at the Gillis Centre, 100 Strathearn Road. Fr Bart is currently a regional moderator for Domestic Church circles in Dublin and is an experienced leader of couples retreats. Register on Eventbrite. No charge.

St Catherine’s Appeal: Thanks to everyone for your very generous donations of towels & toiletries, to the homeless Project last weekend. The Sisters experience an ever increasing demand for the services they provide and are very grateful for your support.

Anniversaries: : Fr. O’Dowd, OMI, Fr. Feigherty, OMI, William Findlayson, Brian Sprott, Francis Rickis, Elsa Barrett, Raymond Duval, David Whyte, Charlie Parry, Baby Rosie Fyfe, Mary Mansfield, Dario Zappa, Martina Feeney, Philip Puzey, Mary Ann Baillie, Marie Annis, Philip Ewing, John Gallagher, Irene Koning, Fr. Smits OMI, Ina Dawson, Isabella Connor, Jim Ryan, Rose McMaster and Cilla Mitchell;

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