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Reflections on the Gospel According to Mark
An On-line Project lead by Father Tony

Last week in our Project, we considered briefly Mark's Gospel Prolougue in Chapter 1, Verses 1-13. This week we take a rather longer and more detailed look at Mark's Passion narrative. We do this alongside the Passion in St John's Gospel.

There is quite a lot of text so it is mostly delivered through a PDF, the link for which can be found below. Also below we start off this week's notes with an introduction to what follows.

As before, if you have questions or observations, you are welcome to contact me by email:

And if you want to continue reading Mark's Gospel just click the button.

Or, if you want a quick overview of the 16 Chapters of the Gospel you can view the video below. It runs for about 10 minutes. Then below that we will look at the first 13 verses of Chapter 1 in a bit more detail.


1 General introduction

Our Sunday Gospel readings are divided into three cycles. Year A for Matthew. Year B for Mark. Year C for Luke. St John’s gospel is read during all three cycles, especially during Lent and Easter season.

In Holy Week the Passion narratives are read on Passion (Palm) Sunday and on Good Friday. Passion (Palm Sunday) we hear Matthew year A, Mark year B, and Luke year C. St John’s account of the Passion is read every year on Good Friday.

The Passion Narrative is introduced as the Passion of our Lord according to Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. It is the Passion story from their viewpoint. They wrote for different audiences/communities and emphasise different aspects of the truth in order to reach out to the needs of their respective audiences/communities.

That's all for this week. We will move further into Mark's Gospel next week.

Please remember, if you have questions or observations you are welcome to contact me by email:

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