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Reflections on the Gospel According to Mark
An On-line Project lead by Father Tony

Over the last 2 weeks we looked at Jesus and his diciples. We finished at Mark 8:30. Peter and the other disciples have recognised Jesus as the Messiah.

The week we examine the question - "What kind of Messiah?" as we move on through Mark 8:31-10:52.

In Mark 8:31-10:52:

  • (a) Jesus tells is disciples what kind of Messiah he is. He is not a triumphant worldly leader.
  • (b) They are now journeying to Jerusalem and on the way Jesus is preparing and training the 12, his disciples.
  • (c) They keep on missing the message - Jesus is speaking about service, giving of self, and they are into power, receiving.

These chapters are so important for understanding Jesus and his message, as well as the continual failure of the disciples, whom he continues to train and love.

As well as the usual commentary on the chapters, this week's episode comes with 3 supplementary papers, A, B and C. Supplemetary Paper A takes a brief look back to the mid-way point of Mark's Gospel.
Happy reading.

If you have not already seen it, you may want to view the video below in which David Suchet reads Mark's Gospel as a story

Or, if you want a quick overview of the 16 Chapters of the Gospel you can view the video below. It runs for about 10 minutes. Then below that we will look at the first 13 verses of Chapter 1 in a bit more detail.

And if you want to continue reading Mark's Gospel just click the button.

That's all for this week. We will move further into Mark's Gospel next week.

Please remember, if you have questions or observations you are welcome to contact me by email:

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